Friday, July 17, 2020

Chanel will have a retrospective exhibition, this is all you need to know

A glimpse into the fascinating history of the firm founded by Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel at the Palais Galliera. We tell you how this exhibition will be like.

The return to the new normality brings with it an unmissable event for fashion lovers and, above all, for Chanel. It is a retrospective exhibition of the iconic French firm at the Palais Galliera fashion museum in Paris (how could it be otherwise) under the name 'Gabrielle Chanel, a Fashion Manifesto'.

Looking back at the history of Chanel also means immersing yourself in the story of the legendary Coco Chanel, who made tweed a must and women's clothing a powerful statement of strength and elegance, shortening the length of skirts and inducing, as never before, wearing pants. That is why this exhibition will tell the story of the Maison and its founder through two fragments.

What will this Chanel retrospective exhibition be about?

The first part of this exhibition will narrate the beginnings of Chanel in the early 20th century. Emblematic designs from its origins will be available such as the knitted marinière blouse, the little black dresses, and the introduction to sportswear that Gabrielle Chanel investigated. Of course, the No. 5 fragrance can not miss in a retrospective sample of this firm, that is why there will be a whole space dedicated to telling the story of Marilyn Monroe's favorite perfume, created in 1921.

Subsequently, the period of the Second World War will be addressed, when the doors of Chanel were closed due to the social and economic crisis in Paris, keeping only the sale of its perfumes and accessories. The rebirth of Coco Chanel and its brand would be a contrast to Christian Dior's classic New Look at the end of the war; the dressmaker returned with more force than ever in 1954 with a manifesto that included designs with minimalist lines, androgynous inspiration and disruptive style but, above all, sophisticated, elements that would accompany her the rest of her history.

Starting from the second fragment of the exhibition, Chanel's milestones will be shown: tweed, tailor suits, two-tone pumps, the 2.55 quilted bag in the multiple varieties of shades in which it has been launched and jewelry, a symbol timeless elegance of the Parisian firm.

In short, 'Gabrielle Chanel, a Fashion Manifesto' will cover almost 1,500 square meters of the history of the Maison with more than 350 pieces from international exhibitions and the Chanel Heritage.

When will this exhibition be available?

The Chanel retrospective exhibition will be presented at the Palais Galliera from October 1, 2020, until March 14, 2021. Like many museums around the world in times of health contingency, the emphasis is placed on security measures that include the use of mandatory face masks, respect the distance, and wash your hands regularly and before entering the museum.

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