Friday, July 17, 2020

This transparent and sustainable mouth mask is made by Mexicans

It is a developing project led by Mexicans, a transparent, reusable mouthpiece, and its cost is planned to be very, very affordable.

In recent weeks, several fashion and technology firms have opted for mouthguards of all styles that we can imagine, although surely creativity will continue to flourish in consecutive months and we will see more and more innovative, extravagant and original designs, three characteristics that They have taken over the latest mask releases.

A short time ago we talked about the Leaf brand, a mouthpiece of surprising design that, in addition to being transparent, had multiple characteristics, among which its ability to filter air according to the N99 standard stood out. This mask, in addition to its protection, could self-purify with UV-C light.

The previous mouthpiece was launched through a platform for entrepreneurs called Indiegogo based in San Francisco. Now, we have found its 100% Mexican counterpart in a project based on sustainability and social responsibility. It is a transparent mask that is under development.

The transparent mouth mask developed by Mexicans

Created by the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO) of Jalisco, with a team led by the professor and researcher, Miguel Huerta, this transparent mouthpiece took into account an ergonomic design as explained by its developer. In his Twitter account, he released sketches worked by designers Michelle González and Paulina Ramirez, in which it can be seen that the final design could be held by two tapes to ensure its fit and safety.

Miguel Huerta commented that for its realization, the use of recycled PET bottles and silicone has been explored "one of the friendliest and non-stony plastics on the planet," he assured. Also, it is intended to be a reusable protector indefinitely to reduce the ecological footprint of these accessories, without this representing a risk factor. As for its filtration, it is expected to be as efficient as an N95, it will have anti-humidity filters and an anti-fog plastic.

Another feature that surprised Twitter users was the price target that this mouthpiece could have. Well, as the leading professor of the project commented, "it is sought that companies manufacture it with a target price of fewer than 50 pesos ."

At the moment, this mouthpiece is in the process of developing patents. Huerta explained that the idea is for ITESO to manage the allocation of these patents so that companies can manufacture the accessory in the coming months.

Although this mouthpiece does not have the self-purifying technology that was presented in Indiegogo, it should not be forgotten that the focus of this project is on its social responsibility to generate jobs in companies that can develop it and its commitment to the environment. environment, as well as achieving a mouthpiece with an aesthetic design that allows communication to be much closer in times of social isolation and with a design fully made and conceived in Mexico.

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