Friday, July 17, 2020

Why DO you have to watch the Walter Mercado documentary?

After his death, the documentary 'Mucho, mucho amor' about the Puerto Rican astrologer confirms why he is still an icon of Latino culture. 

Walter Mercado is the astrologer who did not need Instagram to be a trend until after his death. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, he conquered the hearts of more than a generation with his imposing wardrobe, eccentric movements, and captivating looks, while - sitting in an armchair that only he could hoard - he told us what to expect from the week correctly and loving. Hence the name of his documentary on Netflix: Much, Much Love. If you have not seen it yet, we tell you the reasons why you can not stop doing it. 

Fashion icon (and much, much style) 

Walter Mercado liked to feel radiant, especially if he accompanied more than 120 million Spanish-speaking people through the small screen. The Puerto Rican astrologer gave his auguries sitting in an imposing chair, surrounded by opulent jewelry and lavish layers that weighed up to 15 kilos, more if they were double. With flower and sequin embroidery, beading appliqués, lace details, glitter and satin textures, the layers worn by Walter Mercado are, until after his death, style inspiration for fashion houses like Balmain, Burberry or Valentino.  

Pioneer of mass astrology 

Before Mia Astral existed on social networks, Walter Mercado lived. He was the astrologer from San Juan, Puerto Rico, the pioneer of mass astrology. Although he studied to become a pharmacist and was both a soap opera actor and a prominent dancer, Walter Mercado was an accidental media astrologer. During a promotional recording for one of his soap operas, he was dressed as a Hindu prince and addressed his passion for astrology in front of a producer, who did not miss the opportunity to negotiate his innate talent. 

It is part of the Latin culture 

No millennial has not experienced being in front of a television, together with his grandmother, attentive to listening to Walter Mercado forecast what the stars had in store for each sign in the week. Cancer, Taurus, Sagittarius, Gemini, Capricorn, Leo, Aries ... all were invited, three by three, before moving on to the commercials. In this way, Walter Mercado became the guide of many, ever closer thanks to an iconic conciliatory phrase: 'And may God bless you all today, tomorrow and forever. And may they always receive peace from me, much peace. But above all, much, much, much love. ' 

Not surprisingly, before his death, the Puerto Rican astrologer attended the opening of 'Mucho, mucho amor: 50 años de Walter Mercado ', as part of an exhibition organized by the Miami History Museum to celebrate his 50th anniversary in television. Precisely, during the Netflix documentary about Walter Mercado, you can see how people from all over Latin America come to this tribute live to contact their favorite astrologer and his most precious objects: from his costumes and jewelry to books written about him. 

His life was also a soap opera 

Spoiler for sure! For more than six years, before his fateful death and after disappearing from the media, many followers of Walter Mercado thought that the astrologer had died. However, those who knew him closely knew that this absence on camera could not be the star's choice. The documentary confirms this by revealing the real reasons: the Puerto Rican astrologer had ceded the rights to his name and both past and future work to his agent Bill Balika

His naivety and trust in his close friend also betrayed him. Walter Mercado and his lawyers faced a legal battle for years. Despite winning it, the emotional health of the mass figure had affected his physical state. Finally, he was unable to return to television cameras other than his own Netflix documentary, through which he predicted his death.

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