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My name is James, and I am a senior mechanical engineering student at California Baptist University.  I have a passion for creating valuable relationships with customers, co-workers, and those I interact with. These goals have been developed to gives me a competitive desire to design and build a successful and ethical career in Construction Management.  I was excited to hear about your company’s foundation stating that it is “ rooted in our people and our commitment to quality, integrity, and responsiveness to our clients’ needs”  with this I believe my skills would add value to your existing projects and be an asset to the Construction industry.   


During my work experience and engineering education, I have had the opportunity to use my technical, communication, and leadership skills.  For the past several years I have worked in the Facilities and Planning Services department at California Baptist University.  As a maintenance assistant, I diligently work with a team to complete remodeling projects as well as support other facility management projects.  During several engineering classes, I created technical drawings using AutoCAD and SolidWorks in support of a CAD stress project, a CAD junior design project and a SolidWorks view of Helical Gears.  In a recent Construction Law and Safety class, I explored the safety aspects of construction including OSHA regulations and am hazmat and yard certified.


I have had the opportunity to collaborate with teams both in professional and educational settings.  As a part of various engineering class projects, I have worked with engineering student teams to create solutions to engineering problems, present findings to an audience, and write lab reports.


As an Industrial Engineering Load Planner Supervisor, I prepared daily and weekly load plans to ensure the operations team and the transportation network ran smoothly.  I also ensured quality control within the hub operations.  On several instances I coordinated and adjusted plans based on changes that occurred during my shift.  My communication and leadership skills were essential to helping the hub continue to operate effectively and improve its processes to cut cost and increase revenue.

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